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NWI Nephrology Brings Patient-Focused Care to the Region at their Munster Location

Northwest Indiana Nephrology is a leader in kidney care and treatment in the Region. With locations all across Northwest Indiana, their doctors and staff provide convenient and high quality care to their patients. Their Munster location, previously located at Community Hospital, moved last October to an accessible, convenient location right off Calumet Avenue.

Boasting more than 2,500 square feet of space compared to their previous location, the newly constructed building is made with modern sensibilities. Accessibility is key, as patients have no difficulty moving in and out of the building. The NWI Nephrology team is excited about what the new location means to their patients, including Dr. Steven Mischel, D.O. who has been with the practice since its beginnings.

“This location is much more patient friendly,” said Dr. Steven Mischel, D.O. “Patients are able to enter the office in a safer, facilitated fashion. They can get in and out faster, due to the building structure.”

The NWI Nephrology office is located in the same building as a newly opened dialysis center, which features a sweeping bay of high quality dialysis machines. 

“Our office is a part of the ‘kidney community’ with the dialysis center,” said Dr. Mischel. “We’re able to give patients all the modalities, and potentially if need be, show patients the care they would receive should they require dialysis.”

Their staff is constantly seeking new ways to offer their care to the community, and their new location features far greater accessibility. It is further from the traffic of Community Hospital, there’s no railroad crossing to contend with from the south, or parking structure to navigate. For patients looking to simply get in and get out, there’s no better experience.

“It’s an easily accessible way of delivering healthcare to the community,” said Dr. Mischel. “We’re a little further south, so we’re able to reach a greater population of people from southern Lake County. It’s, easy, patient-friendly care.”

Putting the patient’s needs first is at the core of NWI Nephrology’s philosophy. Knowledgeable, highly trained, trustworthy physicians form the backbone of the practice’s care.

“I believe that we deliver trust to our patients better than any other group that does nephrology in the area,” said Dr. Mischel. “We’re extremely patient focused, university trained, and we put the patients first.”

Compassionate, trustworthy, and skilled care in a patient-friendly environment is what makes NWI Nephrology a leader in regional kidney medicine. To learn more, visit

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