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Life in the Spotlight

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: David Hall

David Hall grew up playing with Legos and fixing things, which initially led him down an engineering path. Today, he fixes things a little bit differently: with a big heart full of compassion.

With his Bachelors in Engineering, David was a natural fit at CN railroad. However, when the company went public making many structural changes, he found himself shifting industries and working for NorthShore Health Centers. David started in facilities and maintenance, then became a purchasing manager and later a site manager driving day to day operations.

“My mind has always been very detail-oriented,” David said, “I’m a big fan of numbers. Without the right kind of data, you don’t know where to start addressing which issues.”

He also has a mind for quality and a passion for serving.

When his father passed away from cancer, David saw firsthand how difficult it can be to go through the system.

“I feel everybody deserves healthcare,” David said, “I want to make a difference. It’s hard to go through that, and help is always appreciated.”

With facilities management experience under his belt, David pursued his Masters in Healthcare Administration and over the past 10 years has risen to the role of Chief Administrative Officer at NorthShore Heath Centers.

“Passion for people is what drew me into healthcare. I witnessed a provider help diagnose a patient with a need,” David said, “The patient was on a fixed income and could only afford one lab a month. We were able to give the patient everything needed.”

NorthShore is a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, which means they serve as a safety net, making healthcare accessible regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Their services and labs are very reasonable, almost at cost.

The staff exemplifies the company’s values, working together to create a fund to help cover additional costs when patients need outside resources. For a small donation of $5 per week, they are allowed to wear jeans to work two days a week.

“We can help pay for those things,” David said, “the entire staff helps give back that way.”

David enjoys the work he does at NorthShore because it allows him to combine his wide array of skills like critical thinking and problem-solving with his deeper values of generosity and compassion.

“Here, I can see how my skills can improve lives,” David said, “Helping people really makes a difference.”

When the day is done, David heads home for what he calls “the second shift.” David’s family lives on a hobby farm, where they raise cows and goats and chickens and turkeys.

As a kid, David made fond memories of farm life at his grandparent's farm in Kentucky.

“It is a nice life, but it also brings you back down to earth,” David said, “I wanted to make sure my kids had the same opportunity.

“I like being outdoors and showing my kids that side of life,” David continued, “We do chores together, and they know where their food comes from.”

From his professional work to his personal life, David makes sure that helping and supporting people who need him, from NorthShore's patients to his coworkers to his family members, is his top priority.

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