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Life in the Spotlight

A Portage Life in the Spotlight: Dr. Michael Stephens

Dr. Michael Stephens has proudly served the students of Portage Township Schools as the Assistant Superintendent since January of 2017. He has always been a part of Portage, having grown up just south of the city.

Dr. Stephens is a graduate of Wheeler High school and went to Manchester College after high school graduation. After studying at Manchester, he attended Purdue University and Indiana State University. He taught in the Social Sciences field and studied Educational Leadership throughout graduate school.

Not only has he served students of Portage, Stephens has also served students of other school systems earlier in his career. Before working for Portage Township Schools, he served the Union Township School Corporation as the Assistant Superintendent for 11 years. After obtaining valuable college degrees, he began his professional education career at Kankakee Valley School Corporation as a social studies teacher and administrator. He also served as Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Principal for East Porter County Schools.

Throughout his educational career, he has impacted many students, faculty, staff, and families of each school corporation and continues to impact people through the Portage Township School Corporation.

Like any valued educator, he is frequently and whole-heartedly involved in the community through the many partnerships and ties Portage Township schools have with the nearby community.

“All educators value service and dedication to the kids they work with,” said Stephens. “We simply are compelled to help our students prepare to be the future of Portage.”

All-around success and intelligence does not come easily, though. Throughout Stephens’ life, there have been many factors to add to his success. He has been influenced by many mentors throughout his life, but his family has been his greatest inspiration. In addition to his family and mentors, he has a strong team to back him up at Portage Township Schools, and they all push each other to be lifelong learners. Stephens has become the person he is today and has gotten to where he is through the help of many people.

“I am very fortunate to work with people who have given me valuable advice and direction,” said Stephens.

Stephens would also like to add that he is a proud husband to Dr. Bonnie Stephens and father to two quality young men, Jackson and Carter.

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