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Lake Shore Motors: Lessons in Giving

Over the last 32 years, Lake Shore Motors has continuously remained heavily involved in the region through varied donations, volunteerism, and strong partnership. Year after year, they commit to supporting various styled charities which in part has made a substantial impact.

Born in raised in Chesterton, owner Bob Kerr is no stranger to the community and has been a strong asset to Lake Shore Motors team over the last 32 years. He has taken many initiatives to keep “givebacks” alive, and varied, at their facility.

Most recently, many participated in “Stuff a Truck”, where car-buyers, staff, and visitors could fill up a Ford F 150 Truck with non-perishables for the Westchester Food Pantry, such as canned goods, and paper products.

“I am happy to say the truck is almost completely filled up,” Kerr said. “We promoted this on our website and Facebook page, and had people show up with boxes of stuff!”

For the past 10 years, Lake Shore Motors has dedicated their time to give to a program that is in constant need: Chesterton High School Marching Band.

“So many people give money to sports teams, but we started something different 10 years ago: a drive for the school band campaign,” Kerr said.

The proceeds of the money made for that program go straight to their needs, such as funding new uniforms and various upgrades throughout the years.

Kerr notes that almost all of their 70 employees live and participate in the area, so giving back to the community they live in is only second nature.

“So many of them go to school and worship in the area. It makes our employees feel good and is an overall morale builder,” Kerr commented on giving back as a company.

This January 2nd, Lake Shore Motors will be holding their very first Blood Drive Jan 2nd at the Lake Toyota showroom from 11am-4pm.

New team member, Kim Gilette, has stood behind many of the current charitable donations and outreach recently. She has also pushed Bob and the company to connect with Lake Shore Paws, a recognizable organization to many.

Kim and many team members donate their time to walk the dogs, pet them, and simply visit. They also promote the adoption initiative as they represent and support a new dog each month.

“It’s been a continuous thing, each month we support a new dog, a dog of the month. We give them a kennel and food,” Kerr said. “We take pics with the dog and put it on Facebook to get that dog adopted. Everyone gets a warm feeling when that happens!” Lake Shore Motors has recently made a commitment to the Food Bank of NWI. Employees traveled to their facility to learn how many people in Northwest Indiana are actually in need of food.

“It’s shocking to know that there are so many people in need,” Kerr said. “I couldn't believe it was so substantial to see that.”

Additionally, Lake Shore Motors gives their time and donations to the Dunes Learning Center, otherwise known in the 1920s as Camp Goodfellow.

The summer camp evolved over the years and transformed into the Dunes Learning center where kids from Lake County visit and experience a week of camp-life. Through these types of experiences, kids are able to learn life lessons that are beneath the surface of the activity, such as fishing, or making a fire.

“Some of these kids have never been out camping, and they learn through this type of experience,” Kerr said.

The Lake Shore region has been forever impacted by the good that has been done through various organizations that exist there. It is clear that Lake Shore Motors is a staple of their community, and will continue to be. For more information about Lake Shore Motors visit


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