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Portage Township Schools Update, October 5, 2018

Kyle Elementary
This past Wednesday was Grandparent's Day at Kyle. The students enjoyed performing for them on the stage. They also took them back to there rooms and some of them ate lunch together.


Myers Elementary
Every Fall, fourth and fifth grade students in the Portage school district, have the opportunity to participate in a one day Cross Country Meet. The Course is 1K which is just over a half a mile long and there are four races that take place: 4th grade girls, 4th grade boys, 5th grade girls, and 5th grade boys. This Cross Country Meet is a mini version of what students have to look forward to going into 6th grade. The race is put on by our very own Middle school coaches with the help of middle and high school cross country participants. George L. Myers Elementary had 20 students participate this year. They did a great job representing our school!


PHS Economics
On Thursday, September 28th, Mr. Scott Shelladay spoke to Mr. Spottiswood and Mr. Marvin's PHS senior economics students. Mr. Shelladay is a 1988 University of Colorado graduate where he played football. He has gone on to build a successful career in commodities trading and finance. Currently, Mr. Shellady spends his time as an adjunct finance professor of Finance at DePaul University and as an Senior Vice-President at TJM Institutional Services in Chicago where he can frequently be seen wearing his trademark ‘Cow Jacket’ on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and Fox Business News.

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