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Q & A with Jeremy Reeder of Reeder's Auto

Everyone knows that sinking feeling when their service light turns on: it’s time to get something checked out. When it comes to car service, it’s important to know who is taking care of your car, beyond the brand. At Reeder’s Auto Service, employee to customer relationship is number one, as they strive to maintain a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere alongside a solid and lasting relationship. The Reeder’s team are experts when it comes to car-smarts, ensuring every car that enters their lot leaves running smoothly.

Now is your chance to meet Jeremy Reeder, a core member of the Reeder’s team, in a mini Q & A.


Q: Where are you from?

A: Valparaiso, IN


Q: Family?

A: My wife Tracy, and two children, Layla – 6 and Lillian – 4.


Q: How long have you worked at Reeder’s?

A: 12 years


Q: How long have you been working on cars?

A: For 13 years. I started automotive work with my Grandpa.


Q: What’s your favorite/dream car?

A: The 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider


Q: Do you have any certifications?

A: I have a certification in Brakes, Suspension and Air Conditioning.


Q: If you had to live with only three tools in your toolbox, what would they be and why?

A: An air hammer, torch and first-aid kit. Advice: If you can’t get it out/off with an air hammer…torch it!


Q: Do you specialize in any type of automobile work?

A: I specialize in my certifications: Brakes, Suspension, and Air Conditioning as well as Exhaust.


A: Do you have any hobbies, and what are they?

Q: My hobbies are fishing and extreme sports.


Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Dogs


Q: What’s your favorite tv show(s)?

A: Swamp People, Ax Men and Moonshiners!

Reeder’s Auto Service Center
6436 Central Ave Portage, IN 46368
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