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Lake Shore Motors Employee Spotlight: Eric Stamper

Having spent 17 years at Lake Shore Motors as both a customer and an employee, Eric Stamper knows his stuff. Whether washing and selling cars, or managing inventory and staff, Stamper has a passion for what he does and the brand he sells. What makes him extraordinary, however, is his lively personality and friendly demeanor that makes serving his community easy.

Stamper was born and raised in Chesterton, Indiana. A lifelong lover of cars, he took a job at a wash bay when he was 17-years-old. In the late ‘90s, he left home to study business management at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Upon his graduation in 2001, he returned to Northwest Indiana, the place he loves.

“I work and live in the same community,” Stamper said. “Being in Chesterton, we are so close to everything. Chicago is a hop, skip, and a jump...I love Lake Michigan and the Dunes. It’s really a unique place. We’ve got a little bit of everything!”

With a degree in hand, Stamper set out to pursue a career, falling into car sales by accident. It all started when he stopped by Lake Shore Motors to purchase a Ford Ranger pickup truck. After exploring his options, however, Stamper drove out in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma instead. Little did he know that this purchase would lead to a career selling Toyota vehicles.

“I was a customer here. I bought my first Toyota from here,” he said. “So, I fell in love with the brand by just owning the vehicle, and then I just had the opportunity to come in selling...and all of the sudden I fell in love with the business.”

Stamper has been with Lake Shore Motors ever since. Recently promoted from Toyota Inventory Manager to Toyota Sales Manager, Stamper has the experience and know-how necessary to make sure the dealership runs smoothly. He does everything from employee training, to customer relations, to inventory management.

“There are so many different moving pieces in a dealership that you are in charge of,” he said. “You need to be able to problem solve. Not every situation is perfect, so you gotta be able to handle that…We want to make sure our customers have a positive experience every time they come in, whether to buy a car or for a simple tire rotation.”

Fortunately, Stamper loves what he does and fits perfectly into the role.

“I like what I do so it’s not hard to wake up and get ready to come to work,” he said. “I love people, I love cars, I love it’s a beautiful marriage.”

To learn more about Lake Shore Motors and their lines of Toyota and Ford vehicles, please visit their website.

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