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Inspiration Wood Cottage Inn & Conference Center: Our Story

Our Story

The Inspiration Wood promise – to provide welcoming accommodations, warm hospitality, and award-winning catering — began with hope and faith.

Our Inspiration

Many years ago, a family was struggling to stay close and united in a world not so interested in unity. They had lost meaning in their lives. They yearned for the simple times when they vacationed together and spent time as a family. They hoped for a better life. They traveled to retreats and cottages and got together for short times. Business and busy-ness kept them apart most of the time. Hope and faith brought them back.

Suddenly, Dad got sick. A simple surgery turned into months and then years in and out of hospitals. Mom stayed by his side when he was sick. Dad went to work when he could. Friends helped, pitched in. Kids suffered and worried. Life changed. Along the way, Dad’s job changed. Family became more of a priority than stuff. People became more important than things.

Living by faith, life had more meaning and Inspiration Wood was dreamed. Friends and family shared in that dream, helped design the dream, became the dream. New family was added, new designs and plans came to be and Inspiration Wood was born.

Our Growth

The name Inspiration Wood was inspired by a simple elementary school devotion about the legend of the Christmas Tree. Each cottage was inspired by a different tree legend. The idea of Inspiration Wood evolved and grew over the years with the help of countless friends and business associates. Each year as we grow, we become more of what our families’ need – a connection; a place of peace and tranquility; a time where families, businesses and churches can come together in unity to reach common goals.

We love that we can work with family and friends. Mere words alone cannot express the gratitude for those who have helped build this place.

We could not have done it without your expertise. We are ever growing and changing in our love and faith for what we do, and the legacy of Inspiration Wood will continue long after its founders are gone. Those who work here will have the imprint of their name, their passion for their work, their labors of love, and the emotional attachment to this place to pass on to their children. Many family and friends worked behind the scenes and go unnamed, but not forgotten. Your love and faith in us has made us what we are today and will always impact what we can become. We add new members to our family of believers every day. We hope you, too, become a part of our family. Thank you for joining us at IW.

Our Mission

Inspiration Wood strives to create an environment that inspires others to reach their greatest potential spiritually, personally and professionally. We recreate that environment each day. We recreate that environment each time a new family or group comes to visit. We recreate that environment as we learn and grow from you. Thank you for becoming a part of Inspiration Wood.

Accommodations & Amenities

The names of Inspiration Wood’s amenities come from the meaning of our names. Everyone that works here or has worked here has a special place in our hearts and in the Wood. The Gathering Space is named like our church’s lobby. The “Greeting” Barn is for welcoming guests. Prophet’s Pond is named for the messenger of God who inspired us to take this leap of faith. Grace Garden & Meadow are named for the gift of God’s Grace in our lives and the lives of those who helped us grow into what we are today. The Princess Path is named for our daughter, Sarah – our “Princess Pearl.” The Inspiration Garden is named for our love of miniatures and is a scale model of Inspiration Wood. The Lavender house is named for Martha – our Lavender Lady. Lavender means to wash in French and she is our “wash woman” and a Lady at that. The Friendship Room is named for our friend and founder, Kimberly Ruth – our “Strong Friend.” Noble Knoll is named for our friends – our “Noble Ties.” Purity Path is for our niece, Caitlin Jane – our “Pure Gracious.” Warrior’s Walk is named for our son, Mark Elliott — our “Warrior of God” (and Grammy-Mary Louise). Rulers Roost is named for our nephew, Dane Edward (and Grandpa-Dane Alan). Council Clearing is named for Dad – Ronald Franklin – who is no longer sick, thank God. Bright Belief is named for our friend in Christ and those who taught us of His light in our lives. Tranquil Trail is our quiet trail named in honor of the hunter that lived here before and enjoyed the tranquility of the wood. Handsome Hollow is named for Kevin and Kyle, who continue to give us trees and technology, and for Ken and Lyn, who gave us buildings. Funny how so many of our names mean the same thing, isn’t it?

Our Thanks

As we become what God has meant for us, we pray for the strength and wisdom to do what we must to protect the legacy we have created. We pray for those who have been a part of this, but go on to do other things in their own lives. We hope to become a place of strength and inspiration for all who visit here. Thank you for becoming a part of this legacy of hope and inspiration.

Inspiration Wood Cottage Inn & Conference Center
Westville, IN 46391
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