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Don't Get Stranded! Reeder's Suggests These 4 Car Essentials

When it comes to car ownership, most people are more than happy to purchase all the bells and whistles, whether that be a refreshing car scent or a comfy steering wheel cover. Reeder’s Auto Service Center is here to remind you, however, of the little car essentials that can prove invaluable in an emergency. Read through these four car necessities and make sure you are prepared this season!

Jump Pack
Everyone has needed a jump at some point in their life. Whether you forget to change to accessory at the drive-in or your battery goes bad unexpectedly, you don’t want to get stuck without a working car. Follow the instructions carefully, and make sure you let your car run a little while after the jump. Having this car essential will not only help you out of a rut - it can also allow you to be a good Samaritan for another driver in need!

Full Working Spare Tire Kit
A flat tire is an inevitable part of car ownership. In severe cases, you may need to call a tow truck, but you are more than capable of changing a tire with the right tools and know-how! Getting ahold of a spare tire kit complete with a wrench, mounting hardware, jack, tool bag, tire wedges, and the spare tire itself can save you time and money. If you have wheel locks, make sure you keep a wheel lock key in your car as well, otherwise you will be unable to change the flat tire.

Phone Charger
Keeping a phone charger in your car at all times will ensure that help is only a phone call away! If you end up taking the wrong route, using your smartphone for navigation purposes is only possible if its charged. Also, it’s a great and efficient way to maintain a charge for other situations, car related or not. Emergencies aside, who doesn’t want a fully charged phone?

Jacket or Blanket (or both!)
Now, we might sound like your mom, but it’s really important to keep a blanket, jacket, or both in your car at all times. Yes, even in the summer. If your car breaks down, a blanket or jacket can provide warmth while you wait for help. It can also be used to cushion the ground as you change a flat tire or inspect underneath the vehicle. Blankets can come in handy in the most unexpected ways, so make sure you get one in your car soon!

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