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Spring Car Care Tips From Your Friends At Reeder's

There’s nothing better than taking a drive on a warm evening. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain the health of your car so that family road trips and weekend getaways are not interrupted by an auto emergency. The professionals at Reeder’s Auto Service Center in Portage, Indiana are happy to share their knowledge and skills to ensure that your car is ready for the spring and summer months.

Interior Care

Cold weather does not make for the best environment for vacuuming and cleaning your car. When spring hits, take time to spruce up the inside of your car; clean the windows, the dash, and vacuum the seats and floors. Keeping your car’s interior clean inherently encourages continued care for the vehicle that you use on a daily basis.

Get a Good Wash!

Cleaning the exterior of the car is not just for looks; winter buildup can deteriorate the car’s finish. Even worse, road salt can lead to rust. If not treated effectively and promptly, this can dramatically lower the car’s resale value and affect the car's functioning. So, indulge a little - get that wash and wax!

Windshield Wipers

While April may be in the past, spring showers are still in full swing. To help manage reduced visibility during storms, make sure your windshield wipers are not broken or cracked. Ice build up could have damaged them and cold temperatures could have reduced the quality of the rubber blades. Thoroughly clean wipers and replace them if necessary.


Cold weather naturally decreases tire pressure; but as the weather gets warmer, your tire pressure may increase. This can affect everything from the drivability to the car's fuel economy. This is something you can easily check yourself, or the people at Reeder’s can perform a quick check.

Check Under the Hood

Go deeper than the surface with your inspection. Get your fluids checked and oil changed if necessary. Old coolant will not cool your car properly during the warmer months. Also, get the belts and hoses checked by a Reeder’s professional because cold weather can do a number on these rubber parts. The battery should also be checked and replaced if necessary.


We have all hit a pesky pothole and cringed at the sound of money fleeing our bank account. This can be avoided by regular suspension and alignment checks. When you take your car in for the under-the-hood check, ask your Reeder's professional to check structural components are checked as well. They could catch something early and save you money and headaches later.

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