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What Teacher Do You Love ? National Teacher Appreciation Week


It's National Teacher Appreciation Week and ValpoLife wants your help in saying thank you to any teacher who has impacted your life, whether it is your child's current teacher, a teacher you had while growing up,or a teacher you know in the community who you really respect. Send in your notes to share to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with any pictures, and share the love!

John M. Knauff
Some ( and I emphasize the word SOME) of the many teachers my children had who impacted them in wonderful ways were Meredith Reggie, Karl Keller, Bette Brown, Harold "Ike" Kern, Elke Bowman, Dale Gott, Dale Ciciora, Lew Rhinehart, Anne Baker, and Miguel Rosario.

Tami Truex
I think all the teachers are great, even when the kids complain about them. They are important for our children(s) future. Mrs Cefali is the one that stands out for us. She was my son's Kindergarten teacher at Flint Lake (he is now 20). She just loved her job and was very good at it. I think she teaches college now or maybe does not teach at all any more. Loved her.

Cheryl Sessa Highlan
Thank you to the teachers at Washington Township Elementary School! My kids love going to school because of you!

Betsy Greer
And your students love you too Mr. Knauff!

Kate Lewis (Ingram)
I really don't think I ever had a teacher that did not teach me or impact me in some way. From Mrs. Beach and Mr. Keller at Northview that both taught me responsibility and maturity... to Mr. Niketh at Ben Franklin that showed me and my classmates compassion and patience... to all of my many teachers at VHS that helped me realize my dream of becoming a teacher. Thank you all!

Susan Hoffman
Thank you, Jill McGonigle for being one of my daughter's favorite teachers! She loved your style of teaching and felt very comfortable in your class...SO important. I also thank you for the note telling me to stop helping her with her Algebra homework. :)

Chris Mahlmann
Thank you Judy Commers at the Porter County Career Center as your excitement, your enthusiasm, your passion for marketing, and your desire to teach kids to be good and good communicators were one of two major inspirations for me starting ValpoLife.

Suzanne Laughery Meeks
Sidney Reggie! Who could forget that awesome teacher! Look out for the class ring thump!!!

Karin Mick
Thank you to Mrs. Malott for inspiring me to pursue photography, Mr. Kopf for making music an important part of my life, Mrs. Gray for her patience in educating me on World History, and Mrs. Mack for making calculus understandable.

Regi Hofferth
I loved Mr. Miller; never had Mr. Reggie but always heard good things! Too funny...

Diana Wickersham Reed
Thank you Mr. Pritchett at VHS for your time and inspiration. My children have grown in many ways under your direction in band!

Kristin Morrisson
I remember doing this last year and there were so many to mention, but if you, Mr. Knauff, are still reading this you introduced me to one of my favorite books ever "To Kill a Mockingbird," and I still remember 9th grade English with you as one of my favorite classes. 9th grade was fraught with uncertainty after leaving the nest of Immanuel and you made it fun! Thank you!

Barb Walters Harris
Mike Zulich -- 5th grade at Cooks Corners -- one of the most engaging teachers I ever had. Olivia Heinkel -- 3rd grade at Memorial (now married and teaching at Hayes?) -- the most loving and creative teacher I ever had.

Carrie Ruggaber
Mr. Holt. BF Middle School. The only teacher I've ever had that actually made me WANT to learn

Sarah Simon
Ditto to the Herr Holt comment.

Toni Clouse Mullins
Erin Spencer at memorial she was the best teacher my daughter had

Christine Karczewski Harsh
To all the teachers at Northview: Thanks for being the excellent educators that you are! My daughters loved their years at Northview! (Me too!!)

Ruby Stover
My son Ryan had Chris Childs as his 4th grade teacher and he made such an impact on him I still have to give him Kudos now as my son is a graduating senior.

Kc Workman Wells Carolyn Hardebeck, former French teacher at VHS. I became a French teacher because of her! And Pam Byrne at BFMS for teaching me how to be a good teacher. :)

Courtney Smith
Sarah Cunningham and Kathy Riffle from Immanuel are the best!!

Tiffany Hollandsworth
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown @ Hayes Leonard Elementary 6th grade.

Stacy Adam DeVoid
Every teacher I had at TJ Elementary School...Mrs. Simion, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Blastic, Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Hoffman. Thank you, in fact, to every teacher for making a difference!

Sharon Zampich Pflughaupt
Loved all the teachers at Memorial Elementary!!! Don't know if I can name a "favorite" at Memorial...but Erin Spencer did and still does leave an impact on my sons life!!!

Martha Ebling Sullens
We LOVE Miss Sara from SELF School- she's the BEST!! Come back soon Miss Sara!!


Kathy Faurot Welter
My grandmother, Nina Rix, who was a teacher and a school principal, influenced me more than anyone else in my life. She was the best!

Allison Kissinger Edwards
Mrs. Mather at Cooks, Mrs. Bowman at VHS and Mrs. Parker my private tutor. And all the teacher at Cooks Corners, TJMS, and VHS, I had great teachers throughout my career, that is why I am a teacher now!

Donna Norton
My First grade teacher, Miss Shepitka.

Lee Anne Bettenhausen
Mr. Dale Ciciora former Valparaiso High School teacher, and Skipp Bryd, and Tina Morales my sister high school lifeskills teacher.

Betsy Greer
Barbara Kurman, my 4th grade teacher at TJE waay back in the 70's! I will never forget her. She made learning fun!

Robyn Pollick Kelsey Walsworth
Mrs. Mack VHS math teacher, don't know if she is retired or not. She was tough, I struggled, even went back a level, but when I got to VU, I aced math classes with ease! I am so thankful for her trying to get the best of us, while still being sympathetic to kids unique situations (I was struggling with my mom passing.) She pushed me and I didn't appreciate it at the time, but sure realized quickly how lucky I was to have her my first semester on campus!

Steve Ingram
The teacher that impacted my life is my daughter Kate, she is in her 2nd year of teaching at Cathedral in Indy. She has given me more than I could ever give her.

Dominic Fejer
Mrs. Jerry Kirby, the greatest educator that I ever met. Thank you for all your help.

Dominic Fejer
The best educator in my humble opinion currenty in a classroom came through the Valparaiso School Corporation and is now teaching kindergarten in the Hobart School system. That teacher Kimberly Fejer.

Dawn Noel Fitzer Brown
Hands down.....Mrs. Mack at VHS. She was an AMAZING math teacher....I owe all of my inner math geek to her!

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