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LIFER Drew Holt Couldn't Help But to Adopt a Dog from Lakeshore PAWS After Covering Event


Dogs are (arguably) one of the best things on planet Earth. When my fiancee and I decided it was time to welcome a new dog into our lives and inject some much-needed energy into our senior dog, Spanky’s life, we began looking at local rescues.

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Porter County Animal Shelter Animal Population Remains Steady, Shelter Maintains No Kill Status

Porter-County-Animal-Shelter-LogoThe Porter County Animal Shelter today released animal intake and outcome data for the first half of 2017 which indicates a zero growth in the number of animals at the shelter and confirms their continued status as a NO KILL Shelter.

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Symphony of Chesterton Residents Enjoy Life Under the Sea with Art Celebration Bash

Sypmphony-of-Chesterton-Celebration-of-the-Arts-2017 9885

Friday afternoon, the Symphony of Chesterton invited residents and the families to celebrate the arts with an underwater sea-bash at the facility. It was a day full of painting, cookies, cupcake making, and enjoying a family- and fish-friendly film!

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Eyes on the Future: Latest Developments at the Portage YMCA


The Portage Township YMCA Board of Directors is pleased to confirm that the Y’s Branch Manager, Cassie Cayetano, has accepted some additional responsibilities relating to the day-to-day operations of the Portage location. Amber Alexander resigned her position as the CEO as of August 9, 2017, for personal reasons.

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The Evolution of Fatherhood


The role of a dad in the average family has changed a lot since the days of my own father, and I would argue it has changed for the better. In a world where technological breakthroughs and their impacts can be sudden and far reaching and societal attitudes have changed greatly, it’s no surprise that the role has changed along with the times.

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NorthShore Health Centers Entertain Portage Community with Patient Appreciation Health & Fun Fair


NorthShore Health Centers continued their National Health Centers Week celebrations on Thursday, throwing a huge bash called the “Patient Appreciation Health and Fun Fair” at their Portage Scottsdale location.

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Top Ten Places to Bring your Daughter in Northwest Indiana


Kids have an insatiable sense of adventure and boundless energy to back it up. As a parent, the struggle comes when trying to find ways to keep that energy from destroying the home you live in! If you’ve got a little one, you understand the need to escape the house and explore the town a bit.

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Franciscan Health Dyer: Longtime Sweethearts Renew Vows in Hospital Room

Franciscan-Health-Dyer-Longtime-Sweethearts-Renew-Vows-in-Hospital-RoomMike and Danielle Kubiak, of St. John, embrace after renewing their marriage vows in early August in Mike’s hospital room at Franciscan Health Dyer, prior to him receiving successful open heart surgery the next week. The ceremony, attended by family and hospital staff members, was performed by the Rev. Tim McFarland, a hospital chaplain.

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Top Ten Things for Young Dads to Do in NWI


If you’re like me and have a kid with an appetite for wonder, an insatiable curiosity and boundless energy, you’ve found yourself looking for things to do in the area to keep the both of you entertained and, more importantly, sane. Personally, I moved back to Valpo in 2014 with my family from the wintry urban metropolis of Montreal, Canada after five years away from Northwest Indiana. When my wife and I moved back down with our young daughter, we wanted to put down roots and really take advantage of the ever-growing and changing town of Valparaiso and the region of Northwest Indiana and see what they had to offer. We have a dog as well, half Pomeranian and Cocker Spaniel, with no limit to his energy either, so it was clear we had to find some active and interesting activities to keep us all healthy and...

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Portage Township YMCA After-School Program has Childcare Scholarships Available

fillerThe Portage Township YMCA hosts before and after-school childcare, Y-Care, at two school sites in the Portage Township School District. The program begins at 6:30am and runs until 6:00pm, with school falling in between. Both members and non-members of the YMCA are welcome. The YMCA offers scholarships to help parents pay for childcare. With the scholarship, the membership to the YMCA for the school year and up to 50% of weekly program costs are covered, based on a sliding scale. We also accepted Hoosier Childcare CCDF vouchers.

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Nellie Debildt Colors Symphony of Chesterton in Flowers


Nellie Debildt has added a little color to the Symphony of Chesterton senior-living medical resort, and I am talking about more than her upbeat, motivating personality. She has literally added color in the form of flowers now flourishing throughout the yard and courtyard of the facility.

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