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Opening Day at Sand Creek Honors Past Champions, Welcomes New Captain

You could not have asked for a better morning to celebrate the opening of the Sand Creek Country Club Golf Course and Recognition Ceremony.

The annual Opening Day Ceremony was held outside in the Clock Garden near the Sand Creek Golf Course on Saturday morning. With the sun shining down, the staff and members of the renowned country club gathered to celebrate the accomplishments made in 2016 and to welcome the 2017 one, hoping for an even better year to come.

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“This is the time,” said Kyle Lundy, Sand Creek General Manager. “It is time to get everything started and our staff is ready. We had a phenomenal 2016 year and we are anticipating this year will be even better.”

The ceremony kicked off bright and early with Head Golf Professional Cory Blanchard recapping the 2016 year and informing the members to look for new programs and events for the upcoming year.

He also then thanked the grounds staff for their work during one of the busiest winters they have had. Though the grounds made it through the cold season well enough, the team was then faced with the onslaught of rain.

Today, all that was pushed to the past, as the staff and members look forward to a new year with a great day of golf.

“I am happy to say that the 2017 golf season is officially on us,” Blanchard said. “Mother Nature has finally decided to corporate with us. We are really excited this year at the club, and we hope to see all of you out this season.”

Blanchard then presented the engraved stones to the 2016 Club Champions, which will then be placed within the walking path of the Clock Garden.

The Men’s Club Champion was awarded to Brady Klotz and the Women’s Club Championship was given to Sandra Teal. Her 2016 award was her 14th championship, which Blanchard believes is a record for the club. Bob Jacobs, a former champion as well, received the Senior Club Champion recognition.

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The final stone was given to Brad Werner for his wonderful leadership as the 2016 Club Captain.

Blanchard thanked Werner for his time, his collection of feedback for membership satisfaction, and encouragement to further the club’s presence on social media.

“Brad displayed a sincere aim to see Sand Creek succeed in providing exceptional experience for members and guests,” Blanchard said. “ On behalf of the management and staff, thank you for a great year.”

After a slew of inside jokes and fun remarks, the jacket of the new Club Captain was slid onto the shoulders of the new Captain, who most members can claim to have shared a laugh or two with in the last 10 years he has been a Sand Creek member.

Bob Scheller was recognized as the 2017 Club Captain, where he will further the efforts to guarantee member satisfaction and to continue to keep Sand Creek one of the top country clubs and golf programs in the nation.

“Golf is a science. It is a contest and a tournament that requires courage, strategy and self-control. It puts your temper to the test, judges your honor and reveals the character of the individual,” Scheller said, addressing the members. “We must not forget that golf is not only a sport, but also an activity which shapes people in their habits and spirits, strengthening them with setbacks and leading them along the same path teaching humility.”

Applauding their new Captain, the members followed Scheller along the path to Creek 1, where the Club Champions and new Club Captain each took a turn teeing off. With the sound of bagpipes in the background, Scheller raised his glass with his Sand Creek family, toasting to yet another beautiful, fun, successful season at Sand Creek.

Following the ceremony, the members making up 17 teams – an outstanding attendance according to Blanchard – headed to their carts and bags to begin the first tournament of the season, with all 18 holes designed to be Par 3.

It was a beautiful day and beautiful way to start the season.

To learn more about Sand Creek Country Club and their golf programs click here.

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