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Mike Spudic: Solving Problems and Building Relationships with Team Chevy in Valparaiso

Team Chevy sales consultant Mike Spudic, now in his 18th year with Team Chevy, got the invitation to join Valparaiso-based dealership and never looked back.

“I’ve been selling cars for over 20 years, and before coming here I was at a different dealership,” Spudic said. “I got a call one day from the boss here and he said, ‘Put in your two weeks’ notice, I need you!’ So, I gave my two weeks and came here.”

“It made me feel really good because he was a great guy and a great boss,” Spudic said of the, now retired, gentleman who originally brought him to Team Chevy. “He got out of the business shortly after I came in, but it did make me feel really good because I was only a couple years in the business at that time.”

Having stayed at Team Chevy all these years, Spudic spoke about some of the things that make the dealership and the personnel special.

“This store is family-owned, and I like that because they really put family first,” said Spudic. “Not only our families either, but every family that comes through our doors.”

“Our main goal and our main objective is to put service before the sale,” Spudic said when talking about what Team Chevy values most. “I always liked that goal, and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve stayed here.”

For Spudic, his job centers around helping people solve problems.

“We’re here to help somebody solve a problem,” he said. “Sometimes, solving that problem means we’ll help to change someone's life, and I really like the care-factor that goes into it.”

“I’ve worked at dealerships where it was just numbers, numbers, numbers, and it’s not like that here. So, if I said, ‘Hey, my family has a problem,’ The response is, ‘How much time do you need off?’ It’s just that simple, and it’s made it a great place to work.”

What’s helped to make Spudic’s experience at Team Chevy a great one is the leadership and the example that the company’s sales managers have set.

“I always say that it starts top-down,” said Spudic. “When you’ve got the best managers, it makes it so much more enjoyable to come in here and help other people. They help us, and we help others. It kind of trickles down, and that’s why I’ve stayed here and why it’s easy to stay here.”

Amidst some of the major changes to the industry over the years, from the lean years to the internet having an increasingly heavy impact, selling cars has always been rewarding to Spudic.

The internet has had the prominent impact on his position, and for Spudic it’s really helped make his job and the interactions with customers more personal.

“There was very little education out there for the consumer, and I like the internet because an educated consumer is a better consumer. You’re on an even playing field, and we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel with them here. That’s the biggest change, and it’s nice.”

“Even through the ‘08 crash, it’s always been rewarding to me,” Spudic commented. “I’m very lucky to be doing this. The auto industry is around 25% of the economy, and I’m proud to have a hand in that to keep it going.”

Social media has also helped Spudic reach customers and forge lasting professional and personal relationships with the people he’s done business with, and gotten to know.

“A lot of my customers are pals, and almost all of them are Facebook pals,” he said. “We’re commenting and sharing each other's laughs and heartaches everyday. We’re in on that, and it’s important!”

“You wouldn’t believe how many customers I have message me and say, ‘Hey, what kind of diesels do you have?’ or, ‘We had an accident; what kind of deals you got?’ And when they come back into the dealership, after they’ve done all of the social media with you it’s like they never left, and that’s really neat I think.”

To find out more about how Spudic, and Team Chevy, can make your next car buying experience a great one, visit: http://www.chevyon30.com/ or stop by their showroom at 1856 US-30 in Valparaiso!

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