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A Real Estate Licensing Institute Success Story: Kelley Wotherspoon

As an adult, reentering the world of education and deciding to pursue a new career path can be daunting. Knowing there will be lectures, testing and assignments can test anyone’s resolve after being away from formal schooling for a time.

For Kelley Wotherspoon, a graduate of the Real Estate Licensing Institute’s Winfield courses, the school diminished all those fears and was ultimately a wonderful place to pursue her education. Aside from being an encouraging and well taught course, she would recommend the school due to its pace and content.

“I highly recommend that particular program. I feel like the pace we went at was really good. It was quick enough that it didn’t feel like it was wasting time or drawing it out to where you had the ability to forget, but it was slow enough that we were able to process the information, learn it, and review it,” Wotherspoon explained.

She found the instruction to be top notch and conducive to preparing for the required testing exams. Without specific direction, reviewing for a test can be useless, but for those at the Real Estate Licensing Institute, class prepared them with the best techniques for reviewing and taking the exam.

“They taught us how to think about the questions and how to think like the test makers think. They really prepared us for how to review the information in a way that would be helpful,” said Wotherspoon.

Wotherspoon also found the instruction relatable, helpful, and applicable to real situations, something she believes was valuable in not just her own, but the entire class’ learning process. With success at the forefront of the instructors mind, it was apparent that real world examples and lessons were utilized.

“The real examples helped a lot because it was so applicable to the class. Having just started my real estate career, the instructor has really given us helpful information for how to apply a lot of what we’ve learned and beyond to the real world of real estate,” explained Wotherspoon. “It’s an added value. We had someone who was very knowledgeable about the industry and the things we may face and I really appreciate his help and instruction.”

After graduating from the class, Wotherspoon feels she is prepared for a successful career. The classroom setting was not only informative, but conducive to asking questions and furthering her understanding of the material.

“The setting was conducive to participating; his style encouraged questions from the class. We had a really good group that was willing to participate and the instructor created an environment where we were comfortable with participating,” Wotherspoon said.

Thanks to the great instruction and dedicated staff at the Real Estate Licensing Institute, Wotherspoon is sure to have a successful career.

Photo Credit: Jill Yuran of Jill Marie Photography

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