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Meet Sauers Buick GMC’s Judy Bolakowski


For just over 31 years, Judy Bolakowski has been the right-hand woman of Sauers Buick GMC. Bolakowski is in charge of all of the things that keep a business afloat: Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and any other odds and ends that come her way. She works closely with owner Ken Sauers, who trusts her with his life, and makes sure all the other Sauers teammates are taken care of, as well.

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Reeder’s Auto Service Center: Who is Jacob Reeder?


Every car owner knows just how much trouble they can be: mysterious noises, check engine lights, and other problems can cause headaches. Luckily, the professionals at Reeder’s Auto Service are always available to lend an expert hand and keep any vehicle sent their way running smoothly. But even when you know they’re professional, it can feel uneasy handing your car off to a bunch of strangers. That’s why Reeder’s is all about building a relationship with their customers. Here’s a little peek into the life of one face you might see at their shop, Jacob Reeder.

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The Faces of Team Chevy: Alex Radtke and Jeff Degeneffe


A successful auto dealer like Valparaiso’s Team Chevy needs a huge team to keep things running smoothly, because they do a lot more than simply sell cars. From regular repair services to warranty claims, their crew is ready to handle anything thrown at them.

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Cody Thiel, Detailer Extraordinaire at Harbor Automotive Group


Don’t you wish your car stayed as beautiful and clean as it did the day you bought it off the lot? Credit is owed where it’s due when it comes to the person in charge of detailing a car to ensure it is in mint condition for potential buyers. For Harbor Automotive Group, that person is Cody Thiel.

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Lake Shore Motors Celebrates 32nd Anniversary with Food Trucks and Sales Galore


Lake Shore Ford is celebrating its 32nd anniversary by hosting a five-day celebration sale for its customers. Friday’s anniversary bash included a handful of food trucks that were on site, as well as limited time promotions and sales.

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International Subaru of Merrillville Spreads the Subaru Loves to Care Promise with Franciscan Health Crown Point’s Cancer Patients


The Subaru brand is well known around the world for their philanthropic actions and overall community involvement. Initiatives range from Subaru Loves the Earth, where loving the environment means working to preserve it, to Subaru Loves Pets where they are committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy, but that’s not all!

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International Subaru of Merrillville Provides Quality Service


International Subaru of Merrillville offers a unique car buying experience for their customers by taking the time to get to know each and every driver they meet. Most importantly – the dealership aims to provide an amiable and pressure free environment for all customers to find their dream car!

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Teamwork Makes the Motor Work with the Parts and Service Team at Team Chevy


Team Chevy prides themselves on teamwork across all departments, especially within the Service and Parts Departments. These two departments are exactly what makes the “motor run,” both figuratively and literally at Team Chevy.

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Don't Get Stranded! Reeder's Suggests These 4 Car Essentials


When it comes to car ownership, most people are more than happy to purchase all the bells and whistles, whether that be a refreshing car scent or a comfy steering wheel cover. Reeder’s Auto Service Center is here to remind you, however, of the little car essentials that can prove invaluable in an emergency. Read through these four car necessities and make sure you are prepared this season!

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Sauers Buick GMC Collision Center


Few things in life are more stressful than a car accident. This is true for both minor fender benders and serious crashes; dealing with insurance companies, rental cars, and of course, repairs. Naturally, people want their problems resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s why Sauers Buick GMC Collision Center does everything it can to take the stress from managing the aftermath of an accident onto its shoulders, giving customers a quick and easy transition into their newly repaired vehicle.

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Thomas Kia Continues to Pursue Excellence as the First and Oldest Kia Dealership in Indiana


Few dealerships have the honor of being the first and longest running of its kind in the State of Indiana. Founded in the early 1990s, Thomas Kia of Highland is proud to claim this title for Kia.

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